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After over 50 years, Client reunites with estranged biological Father

I contacted Rick to help me find my biological father, never having any experience with a private investigator. Rick was honest, reasonable and reliable. He always followed up on our phone conversation and emails. He listened and was very knowledgeable and it was evident that he had the necessary experience and professionalism to locate hard to find persons. Rick provides quality service with a reasonable price. I couldn’t be more happier after he located my biological father after being estranged for more than 50 years

Victorville, CA

5 Star Yelp review

Best service around! I had a personal problem and he solved my issue within 2 days. Great investigative services. Highly recommend. Great rates also. Thank you.

Tom F.
Victorville, CA

Background reveals Worker’s True Identity

My wife and I met a lady that was supposed to help us with our business if everything worked out. The lady told us that she did not have a criminal record. We tried doing a background check on the name that she gave us and nothing came up. After a couple of days, we realized that things was not going to work out and we told her. That is when the trouble started. She started pouring cleaning chemicals on the bedroom floor and bathroom floor and just leaving it. She did not want to move out, and called the police and said that we were trying to physically trying to throw her out on the streets. At that point, I decided to get a private investigator to look into who this person was. I called Luginbill Investigative Services and it was the best thing that I could have done. Rick was really nice and worked fast. After a couple of hours, Rick contacted me and had found that the lady that I was trying to look up had a long criminal history, and a history of being evicted over and over again, also a record of suing everyone, including the courts, police department.

If it were not for Rick, I would have been stuck with a really bad person. Because of Rick’s fast service, I was able to get an attorney in time to help remove the really bad lady from my home. Thanks again to Rick.

If you need a private investigator, I would definitely say that Luginbill Investigative Services is the absolute best private investigator this side of the Mississippi. Anyone that uses his services will be pleased with the results. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for the best professional Private Investigator around.

Thanks again Rick,

Pheopatric Boone
Hesperia, CA

This is a 5 star service. I wish that I could rate it higher.

Detailed report assists Client in Family Law case

A great service for a fair price. I was pleasantly surprised to receive much more than what I was expecting. He detailed so much for me that I was able to use in my case (termination of spousal support). The detailed information within the documents he sent, proves he is highly knowledgeable of laws relating to my situation. Luginbill Investigative Services is definitely deserving of the five star rating!

Rusty L.

Private Investigator keeps grinding and never disappoints

Rick never disappoints! Our law firm hires Rick on a regular basis to perform a variety of investigative functions such as locating and serving defendants, finding information on properties, and conducting surveillance. From the moment we call Rick, his Sherlock Holmes instincts kick in, coupled with his decades of experience in the field, we are confident that Rick will get the job done. Recently, we hired a Process Server that we have used for years in the past (because Rick was on a separate high profile job) and after many attempts, they were just not able to complete the service. I called Rick. He took the job and completed it in the same day. When everyone else hits rock and stops digging, Rick gets a different tool and keeps grinding.

Law Offices of Vondra & Hanna

5 Star Service!

I was very impressed with the services at Luginbill Investigative Services. Rick was truly a gift from above, so I am excited to recommend him to anyone who is looking for an honest, competent and professional Private Investigator. I searched several highly recommended and popular investigative services in the Los Angeles area, only to find them unwilling or inexperienced to handle my case. They all told me that I did not have enough information on the person I was looking for and was unable to assist me. Luckily, I did not give up and started searching locally and that is when I found an investigator was knowledgeable and experienced. To my surprise, he completed the investigation the same day, with the same information that I gave to the bigger and more expensive companies. Not only was he professional and willing to give my case some interest, within hours of me contacting him, he quickly relayed the information to my Attorney. To me, that is service! I will not hesitate to use his service again.

I cannot say thank you enough! A real 5 star service!

Pinon Hills, California

Small Claims Dilemma

The area of small claims cases can be a lengthy and frustrating process for many, and not many PI professionals are willing to take the time and day to educate those who have felt so lost within our own legal system. Enter Rick Luginbill. From the moment he answered my call, Rick was already typing away, trying to find as much information on the Defendant that would help me with my situation. Unfortunately, I was pressed for time, but Rick was ever determined to help me seek out all of my available options.

After our initial conversation, we decided to meet up at a local coffee shop to discuss further details. He showed up with a case full of useful information on the Defendant, and we discussed the different options on how to approach the matter. For anyone who has ever had their own mother cheated from a dishonest mechanic, you can imagine how far I was willing to go to seek justice.

However, Rick was there to assure me that sometimes “chasing bad money with good money” is not always the best solution. That quote resonated within me and it took me by surprise. Never have I met anyone show me that much compassion for myself and my well being. Rick only knew me for less than 4 hours, but he treated me like I was a close friend. Rick is the perfect example that there are still people out there in the world that will work tirelessly for the greater good. I am forever grateful for Rick taking the time and day to meet with me to help me decide the best approach. My rage had subsided and I was able to think more clearly about my current situation.

In the end, my coffee didn’t taste so bitter after all…..

Hesperia, CA

Went way above and beyond what was expected

I would like to endorse Mr. Luginbill as an excellent and very professional investigator. Not only was he very effective, he went way above and beyond what was expected and his fees were very reasonable. I would highly recommend him.

JD – Apple Valley, CA (January 2016)

Met a side of my family that I never knew that I had

Rick Luginbill helped me find my father that I had never met and a side of my family I never knew I had. I am glad I met you Rick, you will forever be a part of my life. Thank you and fish on bro!


When you don’t know where else to look…..

This by far is one of the best PIs I have ever spoken to. We called him regarding a disposition. We had came to a dead end and already done both state and federal live scans, we did not know where else to look. We happened to call Rick, he asked a few questions and BAM, he pointed us in the right direction. Thank you again! We will definitely contact him if we need his assistance. If you are reading this and can not decide if you should call him…….JUST DO IT AND CALL HIM. He will most definitely be very helpful, as he was with us.

Juan and Raquel