Small Claims Dilemma

The area of small claims cases can be a lengthy and frustrating process for many, and not many PI professionals are willing to take the time and day to educate those who have felt so lost within our own legal system. Enter Rick Luginbill. From the moment he answered my call, Rick was already typing away, trying to find as much information on the Defendant that would help me with my situation. Unfortunately, I was pressed for time, but Rick was ever determined to help me seek out all of my available options.

After our initial conversation, we decided to meet up at a local coffee shop to discuss further details. He showed up with a case full of useful information on the Defendant, and we discussed the different options on how to approach the matter. For anyone who has ever had their own mother cheated from a dishonest mechanic, you can imagine how far I was willing to go to seek justice.

However, Rick was there to assure me that sometimes “chasing bad money with good money” is not always the best solution. That quote resonated within me and it took me by surprise. Never have I met anyone show me that much compassion for myself and my well being. Rick only knew me for less than 4 hours, but he treated me like I was a close friend. Rick is the perfect example that there are still people out there in the world that will work tirelessly for the greater good. I am forever grateful for Rick taking the time and day to meet with me to help me decide the best approach. My rage had subsided and I was able to think more clearly about my current situation.

In the end, my coffee didn’t taste so bitter after all…..

Hesperia, CA