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Trail of the Stolen Vehicle Leads to Texas

As the Owner of Independent Car Dealership in Buena Park, CA.  A lot of my Clients are “Sub-Prime”, which means they have credit problems.   Sometimes these clients fail to make their car payments and disappear with the vehicle, sometimes

A person to trust with legal matters

Rick Luginbill is a person to trust with legal matters that need to be handled in a timely and professional way.  He capably handled our process serving; he was courteous yet assertive with the defendants, and we credit him with

Amazing work and a fair price!

We were having a hard time locating my husband’s ex-wife to serve her court paperwork, she disappeared.  She moved, stopped answering emails or text.  We contacted Rick and in a matter of 4 hours, Rick not only had the new

Estranged wife located in Apple Valley and subsequently served

I was searching online for 4 months, trying to find my estranged wife to serve her divorce papers.  Rick was able to find her in one day and serve her, on the same day that I sent him the papers.

Background check is easier and cheaper than going through the eviction process

I hired your services when considering renting out a room. I was very pleased with your work, definitely kept me from renting to someone that would have caused me lots of headaches and probably legal issues when trying to get

Awesome Speedy Service

I very recently used Luginbill Investigative Services, Inc.  I was searching around online for a process server and called several places, but Rick Luginbill was the only one to answer his phone!  I am truly GRATEFUL that he did!  He

Successful service when others failed

I paid the Sheriff’s Department $75 to serve the other party in my case.  One month later, I got the Proof of Service stating that they were unsuccessful.   I hired Rick on Friday, July 27th at 3pm and the

Best Private Investigative Services Experienced

I have worked with Luginbill Investigative Services since its inception and will continue to do so.  Rick, the owner and lead investigator is always prompt, thorough and extremely fair in his pricing.  I have used Luginbill Investigative Services for surveillance,

Extremely professional and thorough

Thank you so much for your awesome service!  Extremely professional and thorough.  Rick went the extra mile to make sure he was successful and my needs were met.   I would highly recommend his services to anyone with 100% confidence! Denice

Successful Sub Rosa results in a Defense verdict in Federal Court

We hired Rick to secure sub rosa video on plaintiff Randy Kiyabu, an allegedly disabled person suing for violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Unruh Civil Rights Act.  Rick very successfully secured video of the plaintiff walking