Another Happy Client

Long story short, I live on the east coast yet had personal property that was in possession of someone on the west coast who was reluctant to return it.  In addition to the difficulty that the distance presented, I had limited information about the person who had my property.  In fact, I only had a potential name and city.  Due to the distance, I realized my only hope was to search for a private investigator.  My initial research revealed there were a number of potential investigators in the areawhere I thought my property was being held.  Further research indicated only one had the dedication, professionalism and honest that I was hoping for.

When I contacted Luginbill Investigative Services, I was pleasantly surprised to be speaking directly to Rick Luginbill, as opposed to getting a voicemail or speaking to a receptionist.  Not only did Rick take the call directly, he allowed me to fully explain my situation and asked pertinent questions to make sure he understood exactly what I was looking to accomplish.  Once I said everything I needed to say and Rick had all his questions answered, he explained what he would be able to do in order to best assist me.  During the call, there was no question how happy I was to hear what Rick had to say.  In face, even before asking about the cost, I told Rick that I wanted to retain his services.  While a less honest individual could have taken advantage, Rick quoted me a price so far below any reasonable expectation, as soon as the call ended, I quickly contacted family and friends who shared the same disbelief.

Later that day, before I even had time to forward payment, Rick had already begun work and provided me with information that I would have had no way of gathering on my own.    In the following days, Rick continued his work and kept in constant contact with me.  Ultimately, everything Rick said he would do, he did and thanks to his reliable communication I always knew that everything that could be done, was being done.  Because of Rick’s experience and perseverance, my property was returned barely a week after our initial phone conversation.

I am providing this unsolicited recommendation for two reasons.  First, I needed to do my best to express to Rick just how valuable his help was.  Second, and just as important, there might be someone experiencing some of the same helplessness and stress that I once had and maybe this testimonial will help them do the one thing that will alleviate them of those feelings.  Call and speak to Rick.  He will listen, he will talk with you, and if there is a way, he will provide solutions.


A Very Happy Client